Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Summer salads and thoughts of the day/ Salades d'été et pensées du jour!


Cherry tomato salad with Sumac, parsley, olive oil, salt and black pepper. Sumac is a spice that comes from the Middle East and is made from dried berries. It has a lovely lemony taste. Great in summer salads.

Yesterday, my yoga teacher was talking about “remembering”. She was referencing to one of the yoga sutras (ancient texts) that are part of the foundations of yoga, and of our yoga practice. It’s funny how every week, she brings up philosophical points which I always feel completely relate to me at this point in my life. She must reed my mind…

So let me explain. It was about remembering why we practice yoga, and for me it also made me think again about why I eat raw food. I realised that both practicing Yoga and eating raw food help me do the same thing: be on a quest to find my own truth, remember how to find deep joy, create space in my body and mind to be able to access my own fullness, and really access love, in yourself and others.

All right, all right, calm down I know this may sound a bit too self centered and hippyish, but hey, you know what I really believe? You can be a better person, and interact with the world better once you feel settled with your own self, when you have created space for yourself, you’ll have created more space for others. Try it!

So the key thing is: what are your own tool that allow you to feel spacious, settled, and in tune with yourself and loving? It could be hiking in the mountains for some, playing music for others, cooking, or anything else.
Find it and try to remember it every time you feel a little overwhelmed, or unsettled.
For me, practicing and teaching yoga, eating raw and healthy food are my tools. I am very grateful they came into my life.
Let me know what yours are!

And because I would not leave you without a little bit of foody inspiration, here are a few things I’ve been making at work. It is tomato season, and I’ve been having loads of fun making salads. Try them and see if they help you feel good! And if you like salads you can find more recipes in my e-book here:

Avocado, cucumber and herb salad

Raw grated beetroot salad with herbs, mint, balsamic dressing, pumpkin and sunflower seeds

Hier soir, ma prof de Yoga faisait référence au “souvenir”. Depuis quelques semaines, elle s’appuie sur les textes anciens appelés « yoga sutras » qui font partis des fondements de la pratique du yoga. Tout comme des textes saints, il y a beaucoup de façons de les interpréter. Ce qui est drôle c’est que chaque semaine, elle nous parle d’un thème philosophique qui chaque semaine semble avoir été dicté pour moi! Elle doit lire dans mes pensées…