Food is love

My passion for cooking comes from years ago when i was little and said to my mom "when i am older, i want to be a baker and make cakes every day...". My mom did not take me seriously, neither did i!

Growing up, i loved spending time in the kitchen on sundays and trying out recipes that my brothers, sister and parents would always (or nearly always!) be happy to test.

But it's only after having studied International business at university that i realised that i actually wanted to make my passion become my work. I then trained in one of the best traditional French culinary art school in Paris.

I worked in michelin star and traditional French restaurants in Paris and London, cooked privately in chalets in Switzerland and dinner parties in London. I learnt so much. Meanwhile Yoga was always accompanying me.

And one day, i came across Raw food.

It came at a point when i was looking for inspiration, new techniques, real flavors and pure produces. i was always looking to make food that would make me, and others, feel good.

I was also looking for a way to feel good in my body and mind, find clarity, and harmony as i sometimes struggled to find that in my life.
I was practicing Yoga a lot and this way of eating completely made sense with the practice.
Combining Raw food and Yoga became for me an evidence.

It inspired me in the kitchen as i was discovering new techniques and really finding a way to combine beautifull and exciting recipes that would leave you energised and satisfied. Without compromising on taste and presentation.

I now eat also some cooked vegetarian and vegan food but a large part of my meals are raw.
I teach Vegetarian/vegan/ raw food and gluten free workshops.
Check the Cookery classes section to see what's on!

In love withYoga

My first ever introduction to Yoga was by a Canadian friend of mine who tought a group of us how to do the sun salutation while we were waiting for a boat on a pier in New Zealand... nearly 8 years ago...

When i was working 60h a week in restaurants, i remember thinking " this is so UN-Yoga... what am i doing here?". Well to be honest i found it very exciting and i was learning so much, my yoga classes where wonderful when i managed to go but they were not my priority at that point and once a week was good enough.

But when i was in Paris, i met a wonderful teacher who got me hooked. My attendance to classes became more intense and my library slowly filled up with yoga books.

My practice became more consistant when i arrived to London and it was a great help for me to go through a not so easy time of my life. I did a lot of Sivananda Yoga at that time.

Later on i decided to embark on a Yoga teacher training, to learn more about it, but also to transmit it to others.
I discovered Vinyasa flow Yoga and the dance of movement and breath, Jivamukti, Iyengar and finaly Anusara.
I have had the chance to study with Sabine Naud in Paris, Jason Crandell, Matthew Sweeney, Alessandra Pecorella, Lisa Sanfilippo, Ross Rayburn, Bridget Woods Kramer, Leila Sadeghee and Sianna Sherman in London.
I currently practice Anusara a lot and am studying this method at the moment.
My teachings are widely influenced by the Anusara principles as well as from my own experience of Yoga and life...
I love the way how each session can be tailored to the need of the moment and each group of people.
I am passionate about sharing my love for the expansive possibilites of the practice of yoga.

I teach One-to-one and Group classes in London.